Bichon frise price in india across indian major cities


what is a bichon frise ?

Hey are you looking for bichon frise price in india? the read this article up to till end and find the best information about your query.

The bichon frise is a small dog often seen in family homes. It is a cheerful, sociable animal that loves to cuddle and play with children. They can be trained to perform tricks and there are many competitions available for owners to show their dogs off.

It is important to provide a well-balanced diet, as the breed can be prone to obesity.

what is the bichon frise price in india?

The bichon frise price in india is between Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 for the basic variant, and can be as high as between Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000 for getting a show quality dog.

If you are looking for the bichon frise price in hyderabad ? then it price varies between the range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000. the price is very less when compared with other cities price.

Are you in bangalore and want to know the bichon frise price in bangalore then its price is quietly high when compared with hyderabad. the price range is between Rs35,000 to Rs50,000.

suppose if you are located at delhi. then the bichon frise price in delhi is more expensive than other city prices. but the price of bichon in delhi starts from Rs 45,000 to Rs 75,000.

why is the bichon frise so expensive?

Bichons are a type of dog that has been around for many centuries. They are known for their fluffy, cotton-like coats and sweet personality.

Originally from France, bichons have become popular all over the world. They can now be found in various colors and many owners groom them with bows or ribbons. They have also recently been used as service animals.

Pros and cons of owning a bichon frise ?

  1. They require less daily exercise
  2. prone to separation anxiety
  3. very affectionate with all people
  4. Get along with other dogs easily
  5. friendly with kids
  6. Bichons are great family pets
  7. suitable for senior citizens

cons of bichon frise :-

  1. Bichons are prone to some health challenges
  2. They require regular brushing

Life expectancy of bichon frise in india:-

The Bichon is a small healthy dog with an average lifespan of 14-16 years.

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